Thank you for helping to keep Mansfield beautiful!

Join our Adopt-A-Street Program and Help Keep Mansfield Litter-Free

Does the sight of plastic water bottles, styrofoam cups, cigarette butts, or nip bottles littering our roadsides bother you? Do you wonder why some people think it's okay to toss trash out of their car window? Do you wish there was something you could to help solve this problem?














Fortunately, there is something you can do! Sign up for our Adopt-a-Street program and be part of the solution. Here is how the program works:


You can sign up as an individual, family, community group, or business. All we ask is that you agree to clean up your adopted route on a regular basis, such as once per month or more often if you are super motivated!

Pick a Street & Start Cleaning!

Simply contact us and let us know which street (or section of a street), park, or other public space you want to adopt. We will provide you with a supply of trash bags and an EZ Grabber trash-picking tool. You can then venture out and clean up any litter that accumulates on your route.

Spring Street, County Street, and School Street are each available for adoption!

Thanks for Adopting A Street!

  • The Chaffee Family: Maple Street from Franklin to Oakland Street

  • Allan Bryer: Copeland Drive and Central Street

  • Jim & Jossie Owens: Winter Street

  • The Fehervari Family: Route 106, from Lawndale to Stearns Avenue

  • The Desjardin Family: Longwood Circle and Emerson Circle

  • The Roth Family: Otis Street

  • The Logan Family: Stearns Avenue from Route 106 to Old Stable Drive

  • The Reynolds and Cragan Families (Kelli, Kevin, Zac, and Samantha):  Cobbler Road

  • The Biedermann Family: Route 106 (Wexford Street to Easton town line)

  • The Holiver Family: Balcom Street  (Martha’s Way to Jewell  Street)

  • The Fowkes Family: West Street between Morgan Road and Lancashire Drive

  • Juli Mahoney: West Street (Pine Street to Plain  Street)

  • Shirley McPhee: Spring Street & Cobb Street

  • Faith Fellowship United Methodist Church: Webb Place and Bike Path

  • The Noonan Family: Horace Street to  South Common (via Union  Street and South Main)

  • The Leblanc Family: Essex Street from Mill Street to Goward Street

  • Pat Colbert:  Stearns Ave from Old Stable Drive to Mill Street

  • Neil Rhein:  Route 106 (Autumn Lane to Flint Farm)

  • Jim and Audrey Crockett: Maple Street (from Franklin St. to Easton Line)

  • The Fitzgerald Family: Fram Drive

  • The White Family: Franklin Street (Winter  Street to Maple)

  • Christine Horn: Cushing Lane and Lawndale Road

  • April Ansaldi: Baybrook Farm Road

  • H. Green: Baybrook Farm Culvert

  • The Cleary Family: Helena Circle

  • Kim and Paige Oliveira: Hope Street (Route 106  to Park  Ave.)

  • The Breef-Pilz Family:  Church & West Church Streets

Safety Tips

Here are a few things to keep in mind to stay safe while cleaning up litter:

  • Wear brightly-colored clothes so that you are easily visible to passing motorists.

  • Wear gloves

  • Don't pick up any hazardous-looking materials 

  • If you find a needle or syringe, note the location and call the Mansfield Police Department. Do not touch!

  • Clean in the direction of oncoming traffic so you can see approaching vehicles

  • Stay off the main road and do not cross over back and forth unnecessarily

  • Do not attempt to move items that are particularly large or heavy. Email us and we will contact the Mansfield DPW to remove the item.