Mansfield Adopt-a-Spot

Mansfield Adopt-a-Spot provides local landscapers, individuals, families, and business owners the opportunity to beautify a highly visible public area.


This program involves creating flower beds, planting flowers and shrubs, and maintaining public sites throughout the growing season. 


To recognize your efforts, Keep Mansfield Beautiful will place a sign on your adopted spot.

Put your green thumb to work and help beautify the town of Mansfield!

2020 Adopt-a-Spot Participants

Helvetica Light is an easy to read font, with tall and narrow letters, that works well on almost every site.

East Mansfield Common Flag Pole

Maintained by Ana Newell, The Garden Lady


Embankment on Route 106 near train station

Maintained by Guerrini Landscape Company.


East Mansfield Common Sign

Maintained by Ana Newell, The Garden Lady. 

East Mansfield Business Sign

In the fall of 2019, KMB completed the installation of a new landscaped island and sign for the East Mansfield business district. Thank you to the Mansfield Nonprofit Gift Fund for funding. This spot is maintained by Guerrini Landscaping Company. 

Devine Square at Winthrop Street

Maintained by Steve Smith 

North Main Street at Samoset Ave.

Maintained by Stephanie Hooper. 

Superintendent's Butterfly Garden at Memoria Hall

Maintained by Lee Tighe in partnership with Keep Mansfield Beautiful. 

Veterans memorial Carnevalli Square on Pratt Street

Maintained by McGovern Buick. 

Entrance to World War II Veterans Memorial Bike Path

Design and maintained by Simora Landscape Company. 

Willow Street & South Main

Maintained by the Ward Family. 

Flammia Square

Maintained by Girl Scout Troop #78242. 

Library Entrance

Maintained by Presentato Landscape Company.