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Making Mansfield a Cleaner, Greener Place to Live, Work, and Play

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Founded in 2009 following the first Great Mansfield Cleanup, Keep Mansfield Beautiful offers programs to make our community a cleaner, greener, more beautiful place to live, work, and play. We are a board of the Town of Mansfield and proudly collaborate with town departments to support the mission to keep Mansfield a cleaner, greener community.

Keep Mansfield Beautiful’s roots trace back to the first Great Mansfield Cleanup, which took place in May 2008. On that day, hundreds of Mansfield residents turned out to remove tons of litter that had accumulated over the course of many years.

This enthusiastic response spawned the formation of the Mansfield Beautification Committee, which is known today as Keep Mansfield Beautiful. Our mission, as stated above, is to encourage community members to get involved in keeping our town clean, promote environmentally friendly practices, and beautify our public spaces. 

We’ve got ambitious goals for Mansfield and we need your help to achieve them. Here’s how you can help:


  • If you see litter, pick it up! If you go for regular walks or walk your dog, why not take a bag and clean up what you find along the way? Better yet, sign up for our Adopt-a-Street program.


  • Teach your kids that it’s wrong to litter. Set a good example and encourage them to participate in the Great Mansfield Cleanup, our Fall Litter Sweep, or sign up for our Adopt-a-Street program.  


  • Volunteer for projects to beautify our public spaces, such as Adopt-a-Spot, or suggest new projects.


  • If you’re a student, learn about environmental stewardship and organize projects to make your school more sustainable by increasing recycling.


  • If you own a local business, clean up any litter in the area surrounding your building. Landscape your grounds and take pride in the appearance of your building. Offer your customers the ability to recycle any waste that’s created at your business.

  • If you prefer to donate via check, please make your check payable to the Mansfield Beautification Committee​ Account 4070-483000 and mail it to:

    • Town of Mansfield​

    • Attn. Mansfield Beautification Committee

    • 6 Park Row

    • Mansfield MA 02048

Thank you for your support!


Committee Members

Jeff Ward, Chairman

Jeff and his wife Michelle have lived in Mansfield since 1999 and they have two daughters in the Mansfield school system. The family participates in our Adopt-a-Spot program as well as the Great Mansfield Cleanup. Jeff works as a senior vice president of business development at Winbrook, a marketing fulfillment agency. In his free time, Jeff is an avid golfer and enjoys playing basketball.

Pat Colbert

Pat has lived in Mansfield for more than 30 years with her husband and her two children.  She loves working with children and is currently director of the CCD program at St. Mary's School in Mansfield.  Pat has always enjoyed volunteering for school and community events.  Her family participated in the first Great Mansfield Cleanup in 2008.  Pat found it so rewarding and fulfilling that she wanted to get more involved with beautification projects in Mansfield.  Pat's interests include skiing, hiking, gardening, and walking

Ana Newell, Treasurer and Adopt-a-Spot Coordinator

Ana has lived in Mansfield since 1987 with her husband Matt and three daughters. She is the owner of The Garden Lady, a landscape design and installation company based in Mansfield since 2000. She is a member of the Garden Club of Mansfield and a Board member of the Mansfield Shredding Service, a nonprofit that employs intellectually challenged students and adults. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her family, gardening, attending farmers markets and craft fairs, reading, and the beach. 

Michael Healey

Mike has lived in Mansfield for 35+ years. He and his wife Marilyn raised two children and now enjoy entertaining their five grandchildren. Mike is retired from a management position in the supermarket industry after a career that spanned more than 47 years. He currently serves on Mansfield's Board of Health, is a member of the Knights of Columbus at St. Mary's Church, and also sings in the church's adult choir. Mike enjoys exercising, riding his bike, and playing golf.

Janice Wivagg

Janice, her husband, and their two dogs moved to Mansfield to be closer to their four grown children, all of whom live and work in the Boston area. Janice has a long history of volunteering and says she cannot remember a time when she was not volunteering her time. She is part of a family of scouts and practices the principle of leaving a place better than you found it. Janice works as a full-time custom framing supervisor. In her spare time, she loves cooking, gardening, crafting, and the great outdoors. She can frequently be seen walking her dogs around Mansfield while picking up litter.

Martha O'Connell, Clerk

Martha and her husband have lived in downtown Mansfield since 2012. A former project manager with experience in several federally-regulated industries, Martha joined Keep Mansfield Beautiful after learning about the Downtown Flower Barrell program. She is passionate about revitalizing and beautifying downtown Mansfield. She spends her free time enjoying her extended family, especially her many grandchildren who attend the Mansfield schools.

Kelly Kemp

Kelly has lived in Mansfield since 2001 with her husband Kevin. She has three young adult daughters. Over the many years she has lived in Mansfield Kelly has participated in several community events and youth programs. She strives to give back to the town of Mansfield and is proud to have been involved in the Plymouth Street turf field project. She enjoys spending time with her family, gardening, crafting and soccer refereeing. 

Danielle Dupre

Danielle joined KBM in 2023. She is a new resident to Mansfield and feels strongly about giving back to the community she resides in along with her passion to see a greener community she joined the community. She brings skills which will elevate the social media presence of Keep Mansfield Beautiful.



Nancy Wall, Executive Director emeritus

Nancy retired from KMB in 2020. She lived in the downtown area of Mansfield with her husband for more than 30 years.  She had been an extremely active member of the Mansfield volunteer community for decades. She joined KMB in 2010 and served as executive director from 2017 through 2020.  She also served on the Nonprofit Gift Fund Committee, the Board of Health, the IDC, and the Mansfield Mural Committee for many years. She enjoys playing the piano, gardening, her dog Zac, and touring around the country with her husband in their antique car. While she is now retired, she still participates in many KMB projects.

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Neil Rhein, Founding Member

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